Our Company

Sarangi creations is one of the emerging women oriented firm, aiming to provide assistance and utility to the strong women who yearn to break free from the societal manacles of typecasts and becoming what they are capable of . Starting off with 5 we at sarangi creations are proud to have come across a long way, and having 20, strong women steer our organisation towards grandeur.

Sarangi creations has taken a great leap in a short period of time. . We aim to reach the whole world to create an environment of equity and strength by creating opportunities to attain self actualisation through craftsmanship and designs. Operating in Asia, Europe , North America and South america , we have more than 130 satisfied buyers worldwide like Unicef, wal-mart , JC Penny , bed bath and beyond and belowfive. Sarangi creations has had an eminent experience working with like minded people around the world.

Being incorporated in 2017, Sarangi has added many feathers to its cap , owing to our values and ideology which is guided by transferring the sense of proprietary to the lowest level making the employees strive voluntarily towards achieving organisational goals and cover the extra mile. We believe that our greatest strength is our extempore expertise which is backed by our practise and experiences. We take great pride in our workforce and their perpetual inclination to take Sarangi to greater heights .

Moreover we pilot our operations under the the principle of “esprit de corps” which help us in obtaining and utilising a competent and efficient workforce.

Sarangi creations follows a policy of Combining Indian values and principles with modern day management , orienting it with our inbound marketing techniques to pursue congenial relationships with our customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

Sarangi creations harmonises these ideologies and connotations with its objectives and intent of survival,profit and growth.

With a growth percentage of 25% sales from the preceding year, the future prospects of Sarangi creations are propitious and favourable. Adding to these we are delighted to have bagged certifications and testimonials of sedex, GMP, CE and many others,

They act as the indices of our outlook, scope and the potential. Not only does these stimulate us to work better but also adds on to our conscience of promoting orderly growth with “benefit for all”.

We maintain a close liaison with the our consumer’s preferences keeping in mind environmental and social compliances to instill maximum utility to our customer.

Every activity that takes place in the factories and offices of Sarangi creations define two questions; would it help the firm grow and earn more profits ? And how would it lead to development of the society? To ensure that every member of the Sarangi Family is well versed with the organisation’s perspective, we advocate the workforce to think about these two questions and operate accordingly . Though India’s law , bottles the CSR to 2% of average net profit , we have moved beyond the meagre percentage. We believe that only monetary donations can’t help us improve our surroundings . So we have our employees volunteer with NGO’s on regular basis.